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Dennis J. Stallings Memorial Funeral Home is named after the late Dennis J. Stallings (who was a licensed funeral director for over thirty years), who passed away on December 25, 2008. Mr. Stallings was a distinguished businessman, a great humanitarian and a pillar in the community.  He had a passion to help all he came in contact with. His personality, witty since of humor and smile helped to comfort many during their time of bereavement.  Dennis desire was to help all people.

Upon his demise, his wife Marian, daughter Dawn and son Derrick knew his wish would be to continue on in the business, that he loved dearly. Four years later, on January 11, 2012, his wife, daughter and son opened The Dennis J. Stallings Memorial Funeral Home in Gatesville, NC in his memory.

We are proud to serve the local and surrounding communities with care, dedication and sincere compassion.  We have a distinguished history in our community and we will continue to serve you with complete dignity and strive to make this difficult time as comforting as possible.

Our motto is "Making Your Family's Memory a Legacy". This is definitely a motto in which Dennis, lived by daily, when working with his customers, which he considered all his family.

Here at Dennis J. Stallings Memorial Funeral Home, we will continue to serve you with dignity, respect and professionalism for decades to come. The legacy that Dennis created will continue to live on through his memories, as well as, his wife, children and the dedicated team of Dennis J. Stallings Memorial Funeral Home.